How Your Values Can Improve Time Management

Often as I’m coaching, the challenge of effectively managing time has come up as a personal frustration and a business concern. Typically, a client has had years of trying to “be better” at time management and yet continues to find themselves late for meetings, missing deadlines or dropping the ball.

There are many, many tactics for managing your time. As one of my own coaches said, “Show me your calendar and I’ll tell you what you really care about.” Meaning, that we all have a tendency to book meetings and appointments first, and try to squeeze other parts of our life in the “spare time.” It is so easy to over-commit on a daily basis – you are not alone!

Being successful at managing your time is an easy, and enviable strength for many. But if it’s not yours, I’ve found that the best strategy is to connect your values to how you prioritize your time.

For example, a client of mine recently identified one of his core values as being trustworthy. He was then able to connect his desire to be a trustworthy business partner to people’s ability to trust him to show up on time and to follow through. His priorities have now changed. He is making time to get back to anyone he has made a promise to, and can be trusted to be on time to appointments and meetings. This link can be a powerful motivator, and shift how we view our to-do list.

How about you? Spend a few minutes thinking about what your core values are. How do they show up in your day-to-day tasks and the challenge of managing your time? Shift your priorities to match your values and become an efficient, successful manager of your time.