Consulting and Coaching Services

Plan Your Business Strategy

Running a business or providing company leadership day-to-day is hard work. Finding the time and space to think clearly about a plan for the future can be next to impossible. Still, the most successful companies make it a priority to look ahead to what could impact their business, and define a clear strategy. I can guide you through the business labyrinth to make sure your company is well positioned with a clear game plan..

  • Strategic Planning Programs. Agree on priorities and define a roadmap for the way forward.
  • Offsite Executive Planning Facilitation. Let’s get away from the noise and get some sh*t done.
  • Implementation Planning: Best practices for strategic projects.
  • Change Management: Engaging everyone in the way forward.

Develop Your Executives

You work with smart people. Smart, opinionated people. Those opinions can be both the source of brilliant new ideas and a constant thorn in your side. Cultivating mature leaders who are engaged with your business and teams while managing their responsibilities with grace is the secret sauce of success.

  • Custom Executive Coaching Programs: Leadership goes to the next level
  • Conflict Resolution: Redefining key relationships
  • Team or Individual Leadership Assessments: SWOTs for people
  • Hiring, Promoting and Succession Planning: Right person in the right role
  • Hogan, Myers-Briggs and Strengths Finder
  • Customized Sessions

Evolve Your Business 

There are always opportunities to up your game. Your business can be stronger, healthier, faster, more profitable.

  • Organizational Assessment: Deep dive to assess what’s working - And what’s not
  • Executive Summary Report: Clear information to act on
  • Solutions and Priorities Exercise: Agreement on where to invest or make changes
  • Change Management: Navigating the rapids together