Hello and Welcome.

I fundamentally believe that people go to work every day with the intention to do the right thing and do their best work.  Leaders care about their relationships, their reputation and their results. The obstacles to being able to focus on their best work most often come from one or more of these issues:

  • Relationships that lack trust and respect
  • A lack of agreement about priorities
  • Elements of the environment that create barriers  (cultural, process, physical)

My work has always been about identifying the root causes of a problem, and guiding good people through a process to fix what’s broken.  As a compassionate truth-teller I can say what needs to be said in a constructive way, and get you, your teams and your colleagues to a place where internal issues no longer take energy away from your products, services or customers.

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Governing values:

  • Authenticity trumps perfection
  • Values need to be aligned in ALL areas of our lives
  • The fast track to success is the ability to prioritize and focus on what’s most important

Areas of special interest and expertise:

  • Executives who are committed to the organization but in conflict with each other
  • Working with introverts
  • The measurable connection between physical environments and results